Designation/Title : Associate Professor
Department: Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Tel: 06- 767 7798
Fax no: 06-767 7709
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Education and Training

Masters O&G Malaysia
Glasgow, Scotland 1995


Research interests:

  • Urogynaecology & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Feto – maternal diseases
  • Adolescent Health


Research Projects/Grants:

  • 2005- Sexual behaviour among teenagers in Seremban - MOHE - project supervisor
  • 2006- The relationship between BMI and incidence of GDM - MOHE - project supervisor
  • 2007- Family planning awareness among women - MOHE - project supervisor
  • 2008- The lack of practice in effective hand washing against the actual high level of knowledge and awareness among medical students during clinical practice – MOHE - project supervisor, first author (published in IMU e-journal 2010)
  • 2008- Comparison on the efficacy of various types of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) in management of post caesarean section pain – IMU B-Pharm grants, project supervisor
  • 2009- Routine Peripheral Intravenous Catheterisation: Is it cost effective?- MOHE - project supervisor, co-author (abstract presentation in RCOG scientific meeting 2012 & submitted to IMU e-journal 2012)
  • 2010- Level of mental preparation and its effect on birth outcome of pregnant mothers – MOHE - project supervisor, co- author (abstract presentation in OGSM 2011 submitted for publication to Int J of O&G 2012)
  • 2010- Biochemical evaluations of the extracellular matrix protein of pelvic organ supporting tissues in premenopausal and postmenopausal women with or without pelvic organ prolapse in Malaysia – IMU B- Med Science grant, project supervisor and principal researcher (abstract presentation at ICS meeting, Glasgow 2011 & submitted & reviewed for publication by IJPM 2012)
  • 2011- Evaluation of conservative management for women with Overactive Bladder syndrome (OABS) in a general gynaecological clinic – MOHE – project supervisor
  • 2011- Assessment of the Effects of Maintenance Therapy on the Quality of Life of Opiate Abusers – MOHE – project supervisor, co-author (submitted for publication to Int J of substance abuse 2012)
  • 2012 Caffeine Consumption among medical students and their knowledge – IMU MBBS project – supervisor
  • 2014 Burden Experienced By Family Caregiver of Rehabilitation Patients in Relation to Family Relationship and Degree of Independence.- IMU clinical research – project supervisor (IMU grant: RM 1080.00)


Supervision of Postgraduates (MSc/PhD)
(Last 5 years – 2010-2014)

  • ....


Professional affiliations:

  • State coordinator for Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society, Malaysia
  • Member of International Continence Society
  • Member of Board of Directors, IMC Education Sdn Bhd


Academic Awards:

  • Gold medalist for Master Programme, UKM, Malaysia 2002.
  • Best oral presenter and paper in East Coast QA convention 1999, 2000.
  • Best paper in Negeri Sembilan QA convention 2004
  • Best poster presentation in IMEC 2007

Recent publications
(last 5 years – 2010 -2014)


  • Aznal SS, Idris N, Zainuddin Z. I am hot, irritable and feeling low; what alternatives do I have besides HRT. Malaysia Journal of Family Physician 2010;5(3)
  • Sharifah Sulaiha SA, Nurjahan MI, Nagarajah Lee. Task-based Learning: Student’s perception of their skill in participating in small group discussions. IeJSME 2009: 3 (1): 8-12
  • Aznal SS, Yun LW, Joo CL, Liang EW, Suleiman MF, Fook TC. The lack of practice in effective hand washing against the actual high level of knowledge and awareness among medical students during clinical practice. International e-Journal of Science, Medicine & Education (IeJSME 2010: 4 (2): 18-26)
  • Idris N, Aznal SS, SP Chin. Acute Coronary Syndrome in women of reproductive age. IJWH 2011; 3:375-380
  • Zainurrashid Z, Sharifah Sulaiha S.A, Darnina AJ. Chicken Pox in Pregnancy – The Feared Complications.Int Med J Vol. 6 No 2 Dec 2007 http://www.e-imj.com/Vol6-No2/Vol6-No2-L1.htm
  • Zainur Rashid Z, S Sulaiha SA. The dilemma of pregnant ladies with breast cancer. IeJSME 2009: 3 (2): 3-7
  • Aznal SS, Fong GM, Nalliah S, Tay A, Tham SW, Chinniah K, Jamli MF. Biochemical evaluation on extracellular matrix proteins of the supporting structure of pelvic organs in pre and postmenopausal women. IJPM 2012; 55(4): 450-455
  • Lim Dwee Shion, Vijayrama Rao, Diana Ling Soon Ying, Sharifah Sulaiha Syed Aznal. Assessment Effects Of Maintenance Therapy On Quality Of Life Of Opiate Abusers. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 15 (2), July - December 2014: 131-139 (IF:0.184)
  • Aznal SS, Wong CY, Tan PLL, See VV, Wong CK. Mother’s mental preparedness for pregnancy: The affecting factors and its effect on birth outcomes. IeJSME 2014 Vol 8(3)
  • Zainurrashid Z, S Sulaiha SA. Acute Appendicitis in Pregnancy. IMJM 2014; 13 (1): 77-79
  • The prevalence of Malaysian women with Overactive Bladder Syndrome and its risk factors in a general gynaecological clinic. (submitted to Journal of Malaysian Family Physician 2014)


Book / Book Chapter

  • Sh Sulaiha Sy Aznal - A chapter on ‘Urinary Incontinence: Gynaecology Today – A textbook of Gynaecology, first edition 2012
  • S Sulaiha Sy Aznal - Excellence in Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Obstetrics and Gynaecology … illuminating tips for MBBS Examination Sivalingam Nalliah, Sachchithanantham K. Ist Edition Book 2014 (Co- Authors to 5 OSCE)



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